Aino Juutilainen is a cellist, composer and sound designer based in Helsinki. She is educated in classical music but her main focus is in composing and improvising as well as sound art. Her broad contact network includes both classical, jazz and pop musicians, choreographs, dancers, actors, theatre directors and puppet theatre artists. One of her dearest projects is her own group AINON that combines jazz, improvisation and classical music. In addition to that, she plays electronic ambient jazz with Josu Mämmi Trio, is a regular guest in Quartet Ajaton, plays in promising new rock group Maija Kailas, plays in Chamber Music from Mars -duo and is a member of Libero Mureddu’s Septad ensemble, which focuses purely on real time composition and improvisation. The list of some passed collaborations below.

Passed collaborations: Jälkiä, a series of 14 sound art pieces located in Helsinki (supported by Koneen Säätiö in 2019-2021). Hajoaminen – a multidisciplinary performance about decomposers by Circus Maximus, premiere in 2020. Leijonadisco – music for a dance performance for toddlers by Satu Tuomisto Co, premiere 2019. ÄPÄRÄ! – music for a play by Otava Ensemble, performances in Pori 2018. House of delights – an exhibition, installation and performances in Kunstverein Neukölln. Berlin 2016 Erotica – esitys eroottisena olentona olemisesta (FI) – Höyhentämö, Helsinki 2015 Jakob Anderskov strings and percussion (DK) – tour in Holland and Serbia 2014 Ensemble Mimitabu (SE) – concert on UNM festival Malmö 2014 Esbjerg Ensemble (DK) – workshop for young composers 2014 Duo with acoordeonist Yngvild Vivja Haaland Ruud (NO) – Musik fr Nordic tour 2014 Composer Daniel M Karlsson (SE) – concert on Norberg festival 2014 Gabriel (DK) – concerts 2014 Sonic festival (DK) – festival musician 2013 The Sailing Project (DK) – musician for a sailing dance performance 2012 Benjamin De Muraskin (DK) – premiere of a piece for cello and accordion 2012 Filip de Melo (SE) – premiere of a piece Ainoa (dedicated to Aino Juutilainen) 2012 Maija Linturi / Kalteva Co. (FI) – music for puppet theater performance 2011 Superhands – music and dance improvisation band 2009-2011 Member of Olo-olO Orchestra 2010-2011 Choreograph Kimmo Alakunnas (FI) – music for dance performance 2009

Photo: Filip de Melo